World Of Tanks A Noobs Journey Part one

Greetings all my faithful readers (as of now one person) today I would like to speak about my sojourn into the realms of blowing up tanks! This game kind of took me by surprise since I am more of an RPG or civilisations player. World of Tanks is the first real PVP game I have ever played. I will not go into details but the fast paced first person shooters make my tummy hurt. Ie I want to barf after three minutes.

World Of Tanks for those of you unfamiliar with the game is you guessed it a game about tanks. You can play hundreds of different tanks from multiple countries in teams against other players around the world. You start out in little World War One tanks and work your way into tanks from the sixties. The developers really put a lot of work into this game. They took into account armor thickness, angling, soft spots, cover, and many other things in designing the combat for this game.

The first thing I did was play the tutorial. This was a very stripped down version of the game. It did teach you how to move, shoot, and target. But it is very lacking in the actual mechanics of the game. Very quickly you will discover that for some reason your shots bounce of tanks or people are able to see you when you cannot see them. These things lead to frustration and also lead to just bad play. Thus you will soon see the words from a teammate “you noob you suck.” This is something we all see and live with. All of us at one point or another will be called the dreaded “noob.”

But my friends take heart being a noob is not a bad thing at all. It is not bad for you or for your team mates. In fact it is a good thing and I will explain why! First you are probably asking “hey Crawdadr how come you are so good looking while I am not?” This I cannot answer for you, perhaps you should speak with your stylist or parents. What you should be asking is “why is the fact that I just drove my tank off a cliff into the ocean and drowned a good thing for my team mates?” Great question, the answer is that every new player insures that there will be another game. Noobs mean that the game is alive and growing. Many of us have seen games where everyone is at the end game and there are no new players. They die slow agonising deaths or limp on with a few people playing by themselves.

So my friends, noobs, and countrymen remember when you see that guy to the left of you run up to a kv-1 with his D2 and go nose to nose with him. Dont be angry but be glad, because that means that for now at least you will have a game to play.

Next in part two see the humble beginnings of this noob and cry because most likely he has not improved much.


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